Who We Are

Bill Roberts began video production in 1984, making documentaries for travel agencies. He has produced and directed over 400 Public Access television programs and has created promtional and product videos for medical professionals, scientists, businesses and special interests. His popular "How To Effectively Buy A Used Airplane" DVD and his AnywhereMapTM basic training videos have helped thousands of pilots world-wide. He is a skilled videographer, editor, narrator, manuscript editor and award winning photographer. After 20 years as a successful aerial videographer, he formed Aerial Overviews, LLC to embrace the flexibilty, economy and power of UAS (drone) technology.

Why Choose Aerial Overviews

We are unmatched in providing excellent, low-cost imagingg using FAA Part 107 licensed and fully insured pilots. Our experienced team provides high quality video and still images at the lowest possible cost And we are able to quickly respond to your needs. We handle all necessary FAA paperwork and consistently make images available the same day they are recorded. Plus, we have the capability to do it all, including creative, audio and video recording, editing, DVD production and more. You’ll find that today’s technology is extremely effective and efficient to use, yet almost embarrassingly inexpensive to implement.

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